I’ve always been a huge fun of Nigerian movies from childhood, starting from the comedy combinations of Osita, Chinedu, “Mr Ibu”, the late Sam Loco, to all the old time romance from the likes of Ramsey Noah, Genevieve and Omotola ( interesting love triangle this was) and “Mama G” Patience Ozwokwos’ drama. Once did I watch this particular movie by Ramsey Noah ( I think) in which he actually dreamt of a girl and the dream continued for quite some time. So one morning, he set out on a journey to look for her, he was that hopeful, I mean Nigeria isn’t a small country and neither was the city he was in. What captured my attention the most was the background music and I vividly recall the lyrics ” Searching for my missing rib, I should find her today, somehow, somewhere. I’ll keep searching in ……” This is on another level, he’s rib was really missing. Now Genesis chapter 2 talks about how God out of the man Adam got a rib and made him a suitable helper, Eve. I love verse 24, ” that is why a man shall leave his Father and Mother and be united to his wife and they become one flesh. I’d like to assume that in him leaving, he goes to TAKE his wife. NOTE I: – God took from Adam. – V.24 Man shall leave. In the book of Esther, we learn about how Esther became queen after Vashti refused to show up when summoned by the king, an action which angered the king. Verse 8 of Chapter 2, ” when the kings order had been proclaimed, many young women were brought to the Citadel of Susa and put under the care of Hegai. Esther was also TAKEN to the Kings palace and entrusted to Hegai who had charge of Harem. NOTE II: – Many young women were brought and Esther was also TAKEN. – Chapter 1:22 a message was sent to the people , so she knew about the decree but that didn’t move a heart muscle in her. I doubt she got any “funny feeling” or goose bumps as we do now. In the book of Matthew too, is the story about the Birth of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. In chapter 1:22, ” But after he had considered this, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream and said, ‘ Joseph son of David, do not be afraid to TAKE Mary home as your wife because what is conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit.” NOTE III: – ” Joseph son of David, do not be afraid to TAKE Mary home as your wife.” So girl! I don’t know who or what has been telling to do this and/ or that in order to have a man but it’s all Lies!!!!! As long as it’s not from the Bible or not of moral standard , disqualify it! I believe it’s even unethical. What “punch lines” do you even use? Instead of receiving bride price you’ll be the one to pay the “grooms price.” Wake up and don’t read or focus on the worldly “prescriptions” on “how to get a man.” “IF HE DOESN’T MAKE THE MOVE , YOU DO IT… LIKE SERIOUSLY, REALLY? ”

PROVERBS 18:22 ” He that findeth a wife, findeth a good thing” not the other way round! If he hasn’t yet come to TAKE you, get busy. Preoccupy yourself with your hobbies. Work on yourself, do the things you love. God to church and FAITHFULLY serve.

This takes me to Ruth’s story. Now most of us from Africa know or have seen what people look like when at the farm/ field. Head wrap ( chitambala), sweatpants with a wrapper( chitenge) tied on top from the stomach NOT waist. Sometimes with shoes, this I won’t even get into describing, whilst others prefer being barefoot. You just go as you are, looks don’t matter. And I’m guessing that was Ruth when Boaz saw her but that didn’t stop him from noticing her. Boaz must have been like “my bank alert na gbagaun, my cheque no dey bounce, my mansion all na badam, make you take a look around.”

In conclusion, some encouragements and takeaways for all the beautiful ladies out there.

⁃ You are his missing rib, he’s not the one missing from your rib. God took from Adam and made Eve. If you’re here, he’s somewhere too. It’s not about the statistics on the population now and ratio of women to men. Be patient and wait. When God permits it, according to his perfect timing and perfect will, he will come and TAKE you. The last thing you need to be is one moving in Gods imperfect will. It’s dangerous! ⁃ Know who you are before he comes and stand on it. You don’t need to be sugar coating or giving reasons for doing the things of God and other things you love . If praying long hours or being an Intercessor is who you are then be that! ⁃ Know your purpose before getting into the relationship because if you get into it without knowing it, you’re at risk of either giving up on your purpose for him or giving up the relationship.

⁃ Lastly, as noticed, all the women we’ve discussed waited to either be taken/ brought forth. Don’t be the one to make the move unless God clearly tells you to do so. WAIT for him to come and TAKE YOU or for the people to come and TAKE you to him!


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