Best example is of David and Goliath. 6foot giant well armed with a spear and javelin and a young boy who goes only with “The Name of The Lord!” 1 SAMUEL 17:45-49…

Often times we use scripture to declare our identity in Christ but it’s not something that just happens by magic. It’s a process we all need to steadfastly go through until we get to where it is we want to be.

If you’re a daughter of a king, for instance, it takes certain lessons for you to be groomed into an heir to the throne later so that when the time comes for your to take your position on the throne , you’d have faithfully and thoroughly gone through the lessons and run your race vigilantly.

It’s so easy to focus on everything that seems not to be going right in our lives and forget on all the right things especially the knowledge of the Power that we have in God, but have you ever taken time and asked God what exactly he’s trying to birth out of you or just allowed Him to have His way or you’re just busy “nursing the contractions?” [complaining/ murmuring/ consulting throwing pity parties ].

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