In the beginning, it was not good for a man to be alone. And so from his rib woman was formed. At the sight of her beauty, man exclaimed, “Bone of my bone Flesh of my own!” I AM A WOMAN I am a rose of Sharon A lily in the valley The lily among the thorns I am the promised blossom of the wilderness The gladness of the desert and the parched land A woman is illustrated as a flower here A flower meaning beauty and growth But it only feels good to scream “amen!” to such things in church When we go back home to our lives Surrounded by what we call reality Faith caves in and we are women indeed Except only defined by the common sections of society Eliminating the true nature of God’s intent for us Don’t quote me wrong, I’m not speaking of equality or feminism Of course, gone are the days when all a woman would do was cook and care Now we have women engineers, astronauts and Lord knows what So it seems the battle is won for we are no longer in the quarterbacks Yet in the battles of our own lives we take the sidelines When life throws garbage at us, misusing the nature of His initial intent We quickly clean up the outside and powder it up Putting on a façade to hide the damage within LADIES, WE ARE AT WAR For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but powers… We’ve heard this scripture too many times, yet with so little understanding “But we do not wrestle against flesh and blood” Because for flesh and blood indeed we are equipped! In the battles of flesh, I, a woman, march in with scissors and tweezers I am not rooted but I simply tap on the foundation Concealing all my insecurities and flaws I shadow under the bible and Christianity I liner it up with a “hi brother, God bless you sister” language to look holy When what I have are lipstick scriptures Indeed in the battle of flesh and blood we are more than pretenders! Trust me, when we wage such wars, mighty men of this world fall You know the stories But what about the battles of our hearts, minds, souls and strength? We do not wrestle against flesh and blood For these will not inherit the kingdom of God But we wrestle against principalities, against the powers Against the rulers of the darkness of this age Against spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places And this is reality! WE ARE AT THE BATTLEFRONT Our enemy the DEVIL is strategic and devious Prowling patiently pursuing prey to devour Do not be caught up in the flesh or the enemy will overtake you For him is to steal kill and destroy But for me to watch and pray I will deploy If submission to the spirit is the only way I can be free Then I will submit, resist and the devil will flee So when I march into battle and see that my enemies are many I will not be dismayed I will not tap but I will be rooted in Jesus my firm foundation He alone my fortress and concealer I shadow only under his wings I, lined with abounding grace On me is lip-stuck praises for I am more than a conqueror! We are at war against PRINCIPALITIES Building strongholds from bad experiences Indeed we all are scarred beyond repair But you know what, when your Goliath is getting taller And there’s no weapon in your hands, just your faith Remember He is greater than your giant And you can put your trust in him For I fear not what mortal man can do to me I am armed with strength, my adversaries are bowed before me For in me is a great name, second to none! We wrestle against our MINDS For as a man thinketh…as she thinketh, so is she That goes for, as she texts, chats and acts As she is in the secrets of her own mind So is she Yet we wage war Taking into captive every thought Every high place that exalts itself above my man, Jesus I will fix my eyes on the noble things On the pure, lovely and admirable thoughts The excellent and praiseworthy things of God only We are in a foreign land I don’t mean China, I mean this world So we do not wage war like the world does For our weapons are of divine power to demolish strongholds Therefore, let us put on THE FULL AMOUR OF GOD Let no one strip you to nakedness of His word which is your covering Put on the belt of truth to hold your sword in place Let the breastplate of righteousness guard your heart from the enemy’s arrows Your feet fitted in readiness of the gospel of peace That you may have peace and be called the child of God For righteousness is sown in peace by those who make it And take up the shield of faith For this substance of our hope never fails The helmet of salvation for your head That on your mind is always the knowledge of the saving power of Jesus And finally, the sword of the spirit of the word in which we must at all times pray All these weapons are so fit for war That no weapon that comes against you will prosper A DECLARATION Now that I identify with Christ, my savior and master I know he alone saved me from death’s doom I will pour my heart out to him from my box of alabaster Constantly conversing and not only waiting for the prayer room For I know that he is purifying me and making my dress whiter That one day I may stand before him, so he may be my groom And though through many trials and seasons I dry or whither This truth I will forever bear in mind, that I am destined to bloom.

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