The 21st century and everything that comes with it especially technology, has definitely brought more harm than good atleast our elders say so . Whilst our parents and the generation before them worked tirelessly for almost everything they own now, we on the other hand had everything somehow come easy for us. Just to mention a few things, instead of having to walk long distances to school, many kids have the option being home tutored, whilst others are driven to and from school. Our teachers use projectors and don’t have to be afraid of getting sick because of chalk dust or get dirty while erasing the black board. Assignments aren’t a hassle because most of the information needed is on google, Wikipedia name it. It also goes down to the rise in reality tv shows, blogging, vlogging etc and especially us ladies, we easily get so swallowed up in idolizing how other people are living their lives and making comparisons too. Another major problem is what we see the guys do for their girlfriends in relationships/ courtships. I love the bible because everything in it cannot be disputed. In the book of Mathew the first chapter, we have a story about a man named Joseph and this is where I’d like to take the attention of my fellow ladies to. In this article, we are going to look into the life of Joseph and know what exactly we can get from him as he was referred to as a Just Man. Here are some important details we can look into. LINEAGE It is very important to know where exactly your man comes from. Before we even get to know who joseph is, from verse 1-16 we see that his entire lineage is explained. You need to at least know who and where his parents are/were. Are they divorced or separated? Are they believers? Or are they from different religions? How many wives does his father have? you can actually even go an extra mile and ask about his grandparents too because as we are all aware there are a lot of generational inheritances going on. HARDWORKING I’m not talking about owning a multi-trillion-dollar company. It doesn’t matter how big or small, he has to be doing something unless things aren’t just going right. Remember a man is the head of the house. Joseph worked, he was a carpenter and I’m certain that it takes a lot of hard work to be one.

BEING JUST In him being just (verse 19) was an Understanding man, a responsible man, and most importantly a selfless man. When told about what was going to happen to Mary, he didn’t consider what other people would say. He didn’t just think about himself but about Mary and the unborn Baby, thereby, heeding to the instruction given unto him. Ladies, your man has to think about you too when making decisions especially those life changing decisions. He has to be selfless.

RESPECT Well, I definitely have my days I admit. I can just say something not knowing that I am offending my friends. Sometimes we ladies can be a handful but nonetheless, the respect has to be there. Joseph was afraid of seeing Mary publicly humiliated and so hid her. If he feels or thinks or seen you done something wrong, taking you away privately or waiting until it’s just you two to correct you is a good way to show that he respects you. Public humiliation really does a lot of damage to someone’s self-esteem and might actually lead to alot more deeper wounds. Never allow anybody take advantage of you in any way because you deserve so much more. SECRETIVE I dare you to prank your man about anything that you know might get him in deep thoughts, lol. Joseph after being told about the news secretively did as he was told. No “bruv” or “fam” knew what had happened. Whatever the situation between the two of you, ladies, he has to keep it between you two especially if that’s the agreement made and instruction given. PATIENT This might raise some eyebrows but anyway, verse 25 says “AND HE KNEW HER NOT UNTIL she had brought forth her firstborn son: and he called him JESUS.” So he waited for 9 months I guess to have any sort of intimacy with her. I’ll just leave this one here but keep in mind that patience is a quality of a just man.

OBEDIENT Now after joseph was told about the birth of Jesus through Mary, so much might have been going on in his mind. I mean that was a woman he loved and wanted to marry but she was going to be with child even before they could get married. But Joseph listened and obeyed the instruction given to him. He feared God and that ladies, is a definition of a just man, a GOD FEARING MAN who despite the odds obeyed the word he received. In verse 24 we learn that Joseph took Mary as his wife, not exactly how they planned it but he did it. This is simply amazing. BRAVE AND ABLE TO STAND ON HIS DECISION FUN FACT- Imagine being engaged for over 7 years “lord of the Rings” as others put it. I’ll just leave this here.

Storms will come in life, but what will his take be? The easy way out or will endure with you? Joseph and Mary moved from Egypt to Bethlehem on donkey which I don’t know if he even got on during the journey or walked through the whole journey. He has to be one who Is able to “stand the rain” and not weaver in unbelief. Situations don’t have to move him but the situations ought to be moved by him, by the decisions he makes which should both be to your advantage and his too, and of course not neglecting Christ but keeping him at the center. I definitely understand that not everybody will agree with some things and it’s ok. Share your ideas and thoughts by leaving your comments about what and who you think a “Just Man” is.

Keep in mind that the Word of God is definitely the standard for our living in every aspect of our lives. Matthew 6:33 encourages us to Seek the Lords kingdom first and his righteousness and all other things shall be added unto us.

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